Elijah House is committed to keeping the utmost quality when it comes to our training experience.  Because of the sensitive nature of counseling individuals, we believe there is a need for a higher level of accountability which is reflected in our application approval process. Follow the instructions below.


Complete the application below, or if you would like a hard copy, please e-mail us at We then can either mail you a copy or e-mail you one for print. Please mail the application to: c/o Training Department, Elijah House, 9235 N. Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835


Once you’ve completed your application, press “Submit” button to place your $49 non-refundable deposit (total course fee is $550). Once deposit is received, we will begin evaluating your application and references.


After you’ve paid your deposit, you will receive an e-mail containing two reference links, one for your Pastor and one for a personal acquaintance. Have them fill out their respective forms and mail to: c/o Training Department, Elijah House, 9235 N. Government Way, Hayden, ID 83835



By submitting your application and registering for this course and because we are dealing with the hearts of people, the school can, at times, be very intense. Personal responses to teaching and small-group interaction may include, but is certainly not limited to, some of the following: expression of anger, prejudices and resentments, apprehension, anxiety, insomnia, depression, dissociation, etc. Note: If a crime is confessed in small group during the course of the school, the facilitator/leader of your small group will need to report it to the director/facilitator of the school. The director/facilitator of the school, in accordance with the laws of that state, may need to report it to the proper authorities. Because of time constraints, all of your personal life issues will not be dealt with during the course of the school. This is a life-long process. However, we do give you the tools to pursue further healing, so you may want to pursue further ministry once the school is complete. If you feel there are already significant life issues which need to be addressed, ministry or counseling prior to your enrollment in the school is advisable and always beneficial. If you have been seeing a counselor or prayer minister, we ask that you discuss the school with them and receive their approval to attend.

Having accepted the school enrollment information and requirements outlined in the application below and the Elijah House Facilitated School Booklet, I submit my application. I agree to respectfully abide by the determination of Elijah House as to the suitability of my attendance at this time. I agree to indemnify and hold Elijah House and any host facility harmless for any of my personal responses to the teachings and small group time during the school. I also agree to indemnify and hold Elijah House and any host facility harmless for any costs in time, travel, accommodations, or other incidentals, should the school be canceled, my acceptance be delayed, or I am asked to discontinue the course to seek ministry before continuing at another time. I agree to maintain the confidentiality of what is shared by leaders and students in class and small groups. I understand that I may be filmed or photographed during the event for use in future training events and advertisement, for display without using my name, and I give permission for use of my image/picture in this way.

I understand submission of this application is just as binding as a normal signature and I testify that all information provided is true, that I accept the terms of enrollment, and will provide sufficient funds in a timely manner for my participation in the school.