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Fill out the application and pay a non-refundable $49 deposit to begin the approval process. Remaining balance due when your application is approved. Course Fee: $599, plus study guide & book fees and shipping. 



Our seasoned E.H.S. Small Group Leaders are very excited to train up new prayer ministers! Elijah House will align you with the best match according to where you are located.



Our courses are set up in a two-fold manner: you will have a weekly time scheduled with your E.H.S. Small Group, yet have the flexibility to go through the lessons at your own convenience throughout the week!

about the course

Elijah House prophetic prayer ministry is a type of biblical counseling that is pastoral in nature. Our 201 Online Prayer Ministry Training Course lays the foundation for healing and transformation for you as a student, and for equipping the saints in the arena of inner healing and the work of binding up broken hearts (Isaiah 61:1).

We teach foundational principles and tools for dealing with personal and interpersonal issues. As a student, you will learn to trace bad fruit to bitter roots formed in the heart (Hebrews 12:15), most often in childhood. You’ll also learn how to cut off bitter roots at the cross, and bring repentance and inner healing to the heart. Sanctification and transformation is the goal of this work — to raise up healthy Christians in their own communities!

Course lessons include core Elijah House teachings that lay the groundwork as to how bitter roots are formed and how wounded hearts can be healed; which is through the biblical process of repentance and forgiveness. Tools of prayer ministry are taught in this series of lessons, as well as conditions that influence how best to minister.

There are 25 lessons and 2 demonstrations in all. Practical experience is gained through small group ministry time with guidance from our experienced Elijah House leaders.


“I cried and cried as the Lord spoke graciously to me, and for the first time in my life, I saw a tender, compassionate side to the Father that I wasn’t aware existed. After that powerful encounter with God, I had a newfound contentment in being a woman and was set free from my sexual addictions…”
– Linda Seiler, Author/Speaker


course summary


Take a proven 10-week journey that has liberated 1,000s of individuals around the world.
  • TEN

VIDEO LESSONS (approximately 1hr 30min each)

Learn on your own time with our online video format prior to your scheduled weekly small groups.


Exercise what you’ve learned in a safe and trusted small group environment.
  • NINE


Watch and experience real-world prayer ministry/counseling sessions by your seasoned group leader.
  • FOUR

3 weekly video lessons

One E.H.S. facilitated small group will be scheduled per each set of lessons.  You’ll not only learn how to conduct hands-on prayer ministry, but you’ll have an Elijah House expert there as your guide!

weekly small groups and more…


Click the button to download a .pdf of our student guide.

weekly small groups and more…


Click the button to download a .pdf of our student guide.

course preparation

steps to take prior to course registration

For preparation to attend Prayer Ministry Training Course 201, we recommend an intensive week of prayer ministry with a gifted prayer minister in order to identify latent unresolved emotional wounds and inner healing issues. We also suggest that you begin reading your required reading books: Transforming the Inner Man, God’s Power to Change, Letting Go of Your Past, Growing Pains, Restoring the Christian Family, and Deliverance and Inner Healing. You can purchase these as a 20% off book package here.

As a prospective student, we strongly urge you to surround yourself with a personal support group. This group should not only include intercessors who will pray for you on a consistent basis, but also your spouse and close friends whom you can trust to tell you the truth in love. Personal support groups model accountability and should be foundational in your personal walk with God. Within a small group you can grow and flourish as an individual and learn to be transparent and trusting in close spiritual relationships.


Your ministry has changed my life. God has used you mightily to resurrect a dead marriage and to change my life!” – Tricia

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“The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me, because the LORD has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners…” (Isaiah 61:1, NAS)